CCA Treated Saligna Poles

Our saligna poles are treated with CCA, according to SABS specification and in accordance with SAWPA (South African Wood Preservers Association) for hardwood species ideal for use in H4 hazard application. CCA is a water soluble chemical which can be painted after drying and delivers no odours. On the thin end of each pole a metal marker is attached with the letters CAMI (which is the Cashumi identification), level of treatment and date of treatment.

Pole Diameter

Each pole is categorised in terms of the diameter measured at the thin end of the pole. Each category has a variety of lengths available, ranging from 1.2 – 9.0m:

  • 50 - 75mm - Red
  • 75 - 100mm - Yellow
  • 100 - 125mm - Blue
  • 125 - 150mm - White
  • 150 - 175mm - Orange
  • 175 - 200mm - Green

droppers and Laths

Droppers are thin saligna poles (32-50 mm in diameter), which are mainly used in fencing applications as a cost effective alternative to steel droppers.

Laths are thinner than droppers, also H3 CCA treated saligna poles and are mainly used for roofing . The diameter ranges from 20 to 32mm.