About Us

Cashumi Group is a family owned business that comprises of a sawmill, CCA treating plant, drying kiln and a lamination plant. With these 4 plants on site, it ensures that we achieve almost 100% utilisation of every piece of timber that is grown on the farm. We aim to deliver products of the highest standard by means of thorough quality checks to ensure customer satisfaction.



The sawmill was the first plant established on the farm with the production focus on products for the mining sector and pallet market. The trees that have reached maturity are mainly processed in the sawmill. The lower grade boards are sold in the wet off saw market while the higher grade boards are sent to the drying kilns, where after it will further processed in the laminating plant.


CCA Treating Plant

The poles produced during the thinning process in the plantations are sent to the CCA treating plant to produce CCA treated poles. The poles are optimized to a desired length and graded to remove substandard poles. All our poles are CCA treated, making it ideal for ground contact and resistant to rotting and termites. Our treating plant is SABS approved and complies to the regulations of SAWPA (South African Wood Growers Association).


Laminating Plant

At our laminating plant, we produce decking, ceiling and flooring from graded, kiln-dried timber.
The laminating plant not only allows for further processing and recovery of timber, but is also a creative workspace where new products are constantly developed to keep up with the moving trends of the market.